I thought perhaps you might be interested in this photograph.  It was taken in 1925 in front of 94 Cherry Street, Fall River.  My great  grandparents, Sadie and Harold Abbott, lived there in 1901after they were married.  Their oldest daughter, my great-aunt Eva, was born while they lived there.  They moved to Somerset in 1903 but interestingly enough, their second oldest daughter and her husband, Edna and Arthur Poppe, who were my grandparents, lived there as well after they were married, from 1924 to 1926.


The two girls in the photo are also my great aunts -Sadie and Harold's two youngest daughters, Frances Abbott on the left and Helen Abbott on the right.


 I hope you find this old photo interesting.  I was very interested to find your website and to discover that the house has been restored and is now a museum and open to the public.


When I went searching for it, I was simply hoping it was still standing and that  I could grab a picture of it from Google Street View!  So happy to find it's in such beautiful condition all these years later.



Cathi Iuliano

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

The Lafayette - Durfee Historical Foundation is thrilled to receive the story on the left A real life account of the house's history.


It is exciting for us to hear these stories...do you have one? Or another story about the house you wish to share?



The Lafayette - Durfee House 1925-1926

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